Friday, February 03, 2006

Jesus Harold Christ (80 Proof)

What in the fuck have I been up to?
Nothing really.

The standard standard mostly. Maybe a bit of the usual usual. - I'll be calling this home someday.

Until then, support your local insane asylum, and go buy yourself some gear.
I've got a couple more in the hopper for the upcoming Spring line debuting soon.

Now go read some real bloggers!

Current Mood : Stout
Current Music : Picnic Polka - Walter Legawiec


Blogger TenMile said...

Been suckin' down coffee, black; thank you.

I have three sites bookmarked now. Please don't go to LJ or some such and start another. Grump.

Just sayin' 'ats all.

4:28 PM  
Blogger BigPirate said...

Send me some contact information please. I should be in IN Friday afternoon and would love a tour guide.


attorneywwj at

8:01 AM  
Blogger Veneno said...

How can I read "real" bloggers when I just keep hearing about the infamous Daddy?

I didn't get to know Daddy...I feel deprived. So please continue and let me get to experience what Daddy can

Sounds like you had fun with Iggy and Joe..

Oh..and if you ever want to play HU...the big D is back on..for I can do what I want..meaning..V is available for Hu..


12:45 AM  

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